Miro Tent

* This tent can sleep up to four in a communal room with a living area at the front.
* Bedding consists of stretchers and bed rolls.
* Included are a single kitchen cabinet, 2 burner cooker, kettle, cutlery, fry pan, pots, plates and cups.
* Power is included to the tent with a light, toaster and power board.
* Also included are a chilly bin, table, outdoor chairs and cleaning gear.
* Supply own bedding and towels or can be hired from office.
* Share the communal facilities located close by.
* Tent is available after 1 pm and is to be vacated by 10 am.


* $42 per night to rent out tent + per person charges
* $20 per adult per night
* $12 per child per night (Aged 2-12 years)