Many schools and other organised groups such as churches, scouts and guides have experienced camps or day trips at Quinney’s Bush, usually during Terms 1 and 4. The most preferred option has been tenting, with parents and teachers staying in tents also or in camp accommodation. Catering is done on BBQs, fireplaces or in the kitchen, using all facilities there. We believe it is important to have hands-on and challenging opportunities for children of all ages to help build their personal confidence levels and knowledge of their environment. Therefore, we offer a variety of basic life skills here that are not usually available to children in their normal environment.

Activities available include a selection of the following:

  • Instruction in setting up a camp site
  • Preparing and lighting a camp fire
  • Cooking over a camp fire
  • Singing around a camp fire at night
  • Orienteering (group to set up own clues)
  • Wide games day or night
  • Native tree identification and sketching of bark and leaves
  • Native bird identification and noting of features
  • Confidence course with sixteen different challenges*
  • Large flying foxes*
  • Waterslide with splash pool (summer months only)*
  • River swimming with slide (summer months only)*
  • Statepark with basketball hoops*
  • Large hammocks, swings, slides and other flying foxes*
  • BMX track*
  • Go kart track (separate operator and cost)
  • Day visits and walks in National Park, Nelson Lakes or other locations
  • Abseiling, kayaking or caving (separate operator and cost)

*RAMS forms available upon request


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