We trust you will enjoy a happy and safe holiday while staying at Quinney’s Bush. Here are our camp policies to ensure that happens:

Deposit and Payment Policy:

  1. Booking will be cancelled if payment is not received at time of booking
  2. Bookings made any time of year with total tariff $200 or less paid in full at time of booking
  3. Bookings made during Dec to Feb require payment in full at time of booking
  4. Bookings made during Mar to Nov require half the balance paid at time of booking
  5. Final half of balance to be paid on arrival

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Full refund less $25 fee for bookings cancelled more than thirty days of arrival date
  2. No refunds for bookings cancelled less than thirty days of arrival date
  3. No transfers of booking dates or tariffs within thirty days of arrival
  4. No refunds or transfers will be given after arrival

Camping Policies:

We go by number of people in the campground, not how much room is available. Please make sure you add all guests to your booking well in advance, to ensure they can get a spot at our campsite. If we are at capacity, then we cannot add any extra guests, thank you for your understanding.

Booking-in procedure: On arrival campers and visitors book in and pay at the office.
Book-out procedure: Please vacate by:
2pm for non power sites
12pm for power sites
10am for Cabins, on site Caravans and Camp Easy tents

  1. Refunds: No refunds or transfers given out after arrival. Please be sure of your dates.

  2. Minimum stay: Two nights in Cabins, on site Caravans and Camp Easy tents during 24 Dec to 6 Jan

  3. Re-booking: Failure to re-book and pay if extending your stay will incur a surcharge of $10 per day.

  4. Site bookings: Bookings and deposits are required for all power/non power sites, Cabins, on site Caravans and Camp Easy tents. Unoccupied tents or caravans can only be placed on a non power site two days before your intended stay for $20 per night per booking. Once occupied, they can not then be left unoccupied for more than five days at this price. No unoccupied tents/gazebos/caravans on any sites from 24 Dec to 6 Jan.

  5. Site boundaries: Power sites extend 8 metres back from each pole and halfway to next pole.
    Non-power sites must be at least 10 metres away from power sites.

  6. Car parking: Guests on power sites A1-20, F41-60, Cabins, on site Caravans and Camp Easy tents are to park their vehicles in the car park. All other vehicles must be parked at least 2 metres from the road edge for safety.

  7. Vehicles: Minimum vehicle movements only, speed 5 km/h. Day visitor vehicles, extra vehicles, unused boats, trailers and vehicles from congested areas of the camp to be parked in the car park. Kids motorbikes to be pushed to paddock for riding 12-4 pm only. No vehicles to be driven around the camp after 8:00 pm.
    Speeding and/or non-compliant drivers will receive an alert on their booking.

  8. Pets: OK, but all dogs to be kept out of cabins, on-site caravans and Camp Easy tents, on a leash, under control and ‘doggy-doos’ picked up. Repeated problems will result in being taken home and/or cleaning fees imposed.

  9. Rubbish: Please recycle paper, card, plastics, cans and glass in recycling bins at amenities blocks. Place food scraps and non-recyclable rubbish only in rubbish bins. No old camping gear in any bins.
    Any guests noted not recycling will receive an alert on their booking.

  10. Alcohol: We cannot condone underage drinking here. Any child seen with alcohol outside their own sites will have it taken off them. No glass on/near the skatepark. Place empties in the recycling.

  11. Parties: Noisy parties, loud music or drunken behaviour are not tolerated as this is a family camp. Respect others by keeping all noise to an absolute minimum including music off after 10:30 pm. Please do not consume alcoholic beverages while walking around the camp after dark.

    Any groups with more than two warnings for noise will be banned from returning to Quinneys Bush.

  12. Visitors: All visitors to leave by 8 pm. Gate is closed at 10:30 pm.

  13. Parents: Please supervise your children on all playground equipment. In consideration of other campers, all children and teenagers to be back in their own campsites after 10:30 pm.

  14. Amusements: Some activities/amusements may not be operational due to maintenance/other reasons.

  15. Fireworks: Not permitted anywhere in the camp except in the go-kart track and with staff supervision.

  16. Kitchen: In amenities block 1. Please clean up after use – *your mother doesn’t live here!*

  17. Laundry: Coin machines at both amenities blocks. Supply your own soap powder or purchase from office.

  18. Fridges and Freezers: Available free of charge at both amenities blocks. Please label & date your own food. Any unlabelled or out of date items will be removed, including water bottles if space is limited.

  19. Showers: Timed showers ($1 for 5 minutes) are available in both amenities blocks.

  20. Phone: Cell phone coverage is available for most carriers. Quinney’s Bush phone no: (03) 522 4249.

  21. Length of stay: Maximum length of stay is four weeks and the right of admission is reserved.

  22. Firewood: One armful per site per day, cost $5. Available at firewood shelter from 5 to 6 pm for campfires or BBQs in concrete firepits or braziers only. Please do not use stones to construct fireplaces.

  23. Generators: Not permitted at Quinneys Bush, in consideration of other campers.

  24. Water: Supplied from bores near the office and in the camp. All tap water has been cleared for drinking.

  25. Eviction for undesirable behaviour: Continued good behaviour by campers is appreciated. However, as this camp is private property then by law you are required to comply with the manager’s requests. This includes eviction for undesirable behaviour if necessary; otherwise an offender may be seen as trespassing.

  26. Lost Property: Please leave with manager at office. Unclaimed items are put in clothing bins.

  27. Season and grazing: Quinney’s Bush is open from the end of October until the start of May and closed the rest of the year. The main grounds are closed for grazing and maintenance from April until mid December.

  28. Council by-laws: This campground is maintained in accordance with the appropriate council by-laws; however you still enter at your own risk.

Thank you for abiding by our policies, we trust you will enjoy a happy and safe holiday whilst at Quinney’s Bush.