Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I come for a day visit?

A. Yes we allow day visitors, this is charged at $7.50 per person, and you can visit from 8am to 8pm.

Q. What if I want to visit my friends/family but don’t want to pay the visitor fee?

A. Unfortunately if you don’t want to pay for something then we cannot give it out for free. An option we can give you, is to park at reception where we have a shaded picnic table, and your friends can meet you there.

Q. Can my site be next to my friends and/or family?

A. If you are on a non-powered site, then you can choose where you would like to camp as long as you are at least ten metres away from the powered sites. If you were on a powered site then you may be able to have a site next to each other, but please contact us directly to check availability.

Q. Do your on-site Cabins and Caravans have power?

A. Yes our Cabins, Caravans as well as most of our Camp Easy tents that we hire do have power to them.

Q. Do you have Wifi?

A. We do not have Wifi at Quinney’s Bush, however there is quite good cell phone reception with 4G.

Q. Are your amusements an extra cost?

A. There is no extra cost for the amusements apart from the Go-Karts, which are $10 per rider.

Q. What is the cost for showers and Laundry?

A. The showers take a $1 coin for a 5 minute shower, or a $2 coin for the family shower (double shower head). The washing machine takes either two $1 coins or one $2 coin. The dryer takes four $1 coins.